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We can accept contributions of up to $4000 per person, but greatly appreciate any amount you are able to give.
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Break The Streak

1969. That is the last time Republicans controlled the legislature and the governor’s office.


That’s 49 years since Republicans have truly been in charge. But this week, we are gearing up to make sure we break that streak.


Our goal is to raise $49,000 in 7 days -- and I know we can do it because we have seen how fired up Minnesotans are.


No issue is too large or too small to tackle, and no donation is too large or too small either.


We serious about bringing change to Minnesota, and we know you are too. That’s why we’re certain we can break our fundraising goal of $49,000 in one week!


UPDATE: We did it! We raised over $75,000 in 7 days, smashing our goal. Now get out and vote; let's break this streak for good!